Annie Bordeleau

Focusing on the difference you want to make


Over the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow with my clients in a wide variety of projects. My focus has been on mastering the art of leading useful interactions and developing an ever more flexible, connected and refreshing way of supporting teams and individuals through change.

Annie Bordeleau Facilitator

Designing Leadership Journeys

How can I, as a leader, fully engage all the talented people I work with to focus and achieve sustainable results?

In other words, how can I be most effective at balancing good team collaboration on the one hand and clarity in the direction on the other?

I support organisations and teams in growing their leadership competencies by designing customised journeys, in which each individual uses the opportunities that their environment offers every day, to lead their own leadership development.

To enable you to assess your growth potential, I use the „Leadership Circle“ Model.

Annie Bordeleau Training

Facilitating Team Transitions

How can our team most effectively shift from one way of working to another? How can we be best prepared to grow as a company?  How can our divided team collaborate as one in the future?

I support teams by facilitating the conversations necessary to ensure a smooth transition from the current position to the future state. I do this by cultivating an atmosphere that fosters flexibility, accountability and eagerness to experiment, I carefully navigate the language to help you focus on the desired difference you want to make.

Annie Bordeleau Mediation and Coaching

Training & Coaching

My approach is interactive, experimental and closely linked to each individual’s daily activities. Every case is unique and I carefully design each facilitation or training based on the sustainable difference it should make for you.

When a more individualized coaching or a conflict mediation is needed, I can gladly support you in accelerating your development progress or in building better collaborations.

Discovering the Solution-Focused approach in 2005 has fundamentally transformed the way I support leaders and organisations, across all cultures. My encounter with the Leadership Circle in 2018 had a very similar effect and both approaches enrich each other beautifully. Most of my work is offered in English, in an international environment.  I am French Canadian and speak fluent German and Spanish with some basic knowledge of Italian and Japanese.

The Leadership Circle

In collaboration with an extensive network of certified Leadership Circle practitioners, known as the I2A Network, we work closely with The European Leadership Circle Team and offer customised journeys for leaders across a variety of industries.  You can contact us to do your Leadership Profile 360°, the debrief and follow up coaching sessions if you are interested. We have professionals in the network speaking all European languages. You can find out more about the Leadership Circle Model here.

Making a Difference

Here are a few examples of objectives my clients have defined:


Here is a selection of the clients with whom I have worked, listed in order of frequency:

Hoffmann LaRoche (Pharma, Diagnostics, Research), Basel

Ford Europe, Köln / Europe

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Graduate Center, Münster

Genentech, San Francisco

CIM Cells in Motion and Max Planck Institut, Münster

Johnson & Johnson / Janssen, Beerse

Demag and Terex, Düsseldorf

Rhenus Air & Ocean, Holzwickede

University of Applied Sciences, Münster

UBS, Luxemburg

Basilea, Basel

Solutions-Center, Soesterberg

Novartis, Basel

Euro Triumph, München

Hapag-Lloyd Container Line, Hamburg

Belgacom, Brussels

Mazda Europe, Leverkusen

Accenture, Munich

arvato Bertelsmann, Gütersloh




Annie Bordeleau
Münster, Germany
+49 177 235 3256