I have the great opportunity to collaborate regularly with experts across the world and here below are some of my most cherished partners:

Annie Bordeleau Network
Monika Jacobi

Monika specializes in enhancing individual’s presentation skills and in helping teams become more effective in their communication. Collaborating for more than 12 years, we have designed and worked on hundreds of interactive and fun projects together.

Annie Bordeleau Network
Maren Voss

Maren is an extremely skilled listener which makes her a brilliantly connected trainer and coach. We collaborate regularly in designing and delivering solution-focused and communication concepts to international groups.

Annie Bordeleau Network
Anton Stellamanns

Anton is an admirably accomplished solution-focused coach, therapist, trainer, speaker, consultant and author. He has co-founded Ilfaro and has many years of experience working in academia, global profit and non-profit organisations. We work together in global projects.

Annie Bordeleau Network
Liselotte Baeijaert

Liselotte is a Solution Focused change practitioner, facilitation expert, executive coach and endless source of inspiration. She skillfully co-creates process driven change with executives and teams. She is the co-founder of Ilfaro and has published books on resilience and feedback with Anton.

Annie Bordeleau Network
John Brooker

John is a brilliant consultant and facilitator. President of the SFiO and author of inspiring articles and books on leading change and innovation. He works with teams on a truly international basis, encouraging them to think innovatively so that they can achieve difficult targets, tackle complex challenges and exploit major opportunities.

Petra Demary-Müller

Petra works as an Executive Coach and Consultant across Europe. She has experience in the field of HR and Management Development and is the founder of SolutionSurfers Romania. Petra has a rich professional experience combined with a fresh and creative way of inviting people to develop surprising solutions.